Inspired by memories of beach wandering, returning with found treasures washed up and shaped by the surf, sand and rock.


Elegantly designed and full of interest, each piece is crafted in fine detail representing those natural pieces found along the shoreline and in rock pools. The Wrap Necklace can be worn in a number of styles providing flexibility and adaptability.


No two Wrap Necklaces are the same. They are a Limited Edition (50 maximum) range.

This Wrap Necklace no.8 of 50, and a label on the piece will show this.


Handmade clay pieces are knotted on white cord. Wrap Necklace 8 has tones of grey, white, beige and cream. Please see close up images. The necklace wraps around the neck much like a scarf and sits on the neck in a similar way. Please see images to see the alternate ways to wear this piece. The ends are slightly heavier weighting the necklace into place.

Long Wrap Necklace no.8

  • Wrap Necklace 8 measures a total 131cm in length.

    The clay pieces vary in size from 1cm-4cm.

    The white cord is 1mm.

    Weight 25g.