With this necklace, I sought to bring out the grace and beauty of a beach pebble while retaining the simple, natural aesthetic. Each pebble is unique – shaped and moulded in polymer clay to mirror the contours and textures of beachside stones. And each is a work of art in its own right.


Gorgeously textured layers of stone threaded with an attractive silver chain, offer a chic finishing touch to an understated outfit.

The pebbles have been hand polished to a smooth matt finish. Further polishing by machine then gives depth to the translucent tones whilst high polishing other areas.

Sterling Silver Pebble Necklace no.6

  • The oval link chain, clasp and 2 small beads are sterling silver. The clasp is .925 stamped.

    The wire that runs through the clay pieces is sprung steel wire, shaped in a curve that will retain its shape.


    What is Polymer Clay?

    Polymer clay is a type of hardenable, oven cured, modelling clay. It contains a basis of PVC resin and a liquid plasticizer, making it a plastisol. Latex free.