Each seashell on this necklace has been hand crafted in polymer clay to appear precisely like a natural shell that washed up on shore. Beautiful layers of texture, organic shapes and neutral colour tones are strung together elegantly on a glossy sterling silver chain.


A close view will reveal that each shell is detailed and one-of-a-kind, just like in nature. With contemporary and classic style, you can pair this necklace with any outfit in your wardrobe.  


The shortest necklace in the collection, this will sit just on or below the collarbone.

Limpet Shell Necklace 1

  • Limpet Shell Necklace chain + clasp measures a total length of 48cm. The shells on the curved wire add an extra 4-5cm in length.

    Please see image of necklace lengths for an idea of where the necklace will sit.

    Weight 28g