My name is Lynda, I'm a jewellery designer/maker living in Bayside Melbourne, Australia. My obsession with jewellery began as a child, watching my mum get dressed up, and rummaging through her jewellery boxes for fine old treasures.


I trained in Melbourne to complete an Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Engineering at Box Hill Institute in 2001. My initial ranges focused on elaborate gemstone & glass jewellery as well as a line of contemporary sterling silver rings. During this time I traded at Melbourne's Southbank Arts Market weekly for 10 years. I then took several years off to start raising a family. I'm now back into the swing of making and selling along side their needs.


I have an appreciation for many types of jewellery and my practice has evolved to reflect this. My current studio is home-based, and my work is heavily beach inspired. I make reinterpretations, both literal and abstract of beach life using polymer clay, mixed media, beach sand and metals. This combination of materials offers me a unique freedom that I find quite fascinating.


I started developing this collection, Salt Spray Jewellery in 2016. Whilst imitating the neutral colors of the ocean, sand, and foreshore, I aim to produce pieces that reflect on the textures and feelings of beach life.


As a designer and maker, I am connected to each piece, from design and creation right through to packaging and shipping.

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